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6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Drilling with Diamond Core Bits

    Drilling with concrete core drill may appear to be a simple process on the surface. However, due to the procedure's sensitivity, experienced drilling professionals with unique skill sets that lead to precision drilling are required. Drilling hard materials such as concrete, bedrock, and other hard materials with diamond core bits is the most usual and recommended method.

     Even the most simple drilling jobs, such as drilling holes for hooks and nails inside your home, requires a thorough understanding of the technique, gear, and risks involved. Hiring a diamond drilling professional saves money and time while lowering the danger of injury for larger building projects.

   We've put together a list of common diamond drilling mistakes, as well as preventative  measures for more proper and effective diamond drilling.


1.Drilling with The Wrong Diamond Core Drill Bit


   At the beginning of our list, it is worth noting that there are many different types of drill bits for different purposes including diamond core drill bit, twist bit, spade bit, hole saw, glass bit, screwdriver bits,

   Diamond core bits are used to drill holes in cured and reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, asphalt, brick, block, and stone for air-conditioning, water pipe, gas nozzles, and electric switches in walls and floors.

   The first step in choosing whether diamond core bit drilling is right for your project is to figure out if the technology is suited for you. After you've determined the size and depth of the holes, you can contact with a diamond core bit drilling expert to determine the best drilling strategy for your project. Before starting to drill with diamond core drill bit, consulting with a professional about what drill bit for concrete you should use will provide more proper and effective core drilling.


 2.Mistakes at Setting The Drilling Speed for Diamond Core Bit


   Once you've chosen the correct core drill bit type, the operating speed shouldn't be a concern. The drilling speed of various materials changes for diamond drill bit. The drilling bit's drilling principle is the capability to glaze over materials' surfaces, removing a little piece of the material body with diamond core drill bit.

   There are some reversible core drills with variable speeds. The level of pressure given to the trigger affects the core drill bit's rate. The toughness and density of the material you're working with are additional variables.Before using the drill, read all of the safety and drilling instructions that come with it.

  The effectiveness and accuracy of your work are determined by the speed of your drilling equipment. If your drilling speed is too high, the material may glaze over, preventing your bit from grasping enough material to cut.

   On the other hand, if your drilling speed is too slow, the bit may become caught while you are actually cutting but not removing any material. The best approach to overcome these challenges is to consult a diamond drilling professional who is aware of the techniques and outs of the process, lowering the probability of the occurrence errors.

 Check out a sample drilling process with Mesa Diamond Core Drill Bit!

3.Allowing Overheating of Core Bit While Drilling


    One of the most crucial pieces of rigid material (high speed) drilling is temperature regulation for diamond core drill bit. As a result, allowing the core bit or drill to overheat can cause the entire operation to shut down. It is for this reason why temperature control is so essential in diamond core drilling. It can substantially enhance the efficiency of your core drill bit, extending the life of your tools and helping you to do tasks more quickly.

    While particular movements can be completed on the reverse setting, the glazed end of core drill bits should not be utilized for drilling due to wear and strain. When diamond core drill bits become trapped in a drilled hole, the drill can be released by using a reverse drill only.


4.Failure To Use Lubricant/Using The Wrong Lubricant


  Any surface that is subjected to a robust diamond drilling process generates a lot of heat. The tooling, diamond core drill bit, could be damaged as a result of the heat generated. 

  Oil-based lubricants are an alternative, but diamond core bit drilling may not be suitable. Oil-based lubricants fail due to the heat and corrosion generated by the diamond core drilling process. The use of the correct lubricant will help you overcome with such situations. Water plays a crucial function in preventing potential friction. It also helps to keep the temperature down, making core drilling process much more accessible.

   By applying lubricants, the level of resistance is reduced, and the core drilling temperature is lowered. This can help to extend the core drill bit's life in the long run. Lubricants also allow the diamond drill bit to glaze over possible binding points in hard materials like metals, which can cause significant damage to the concrete core drill bit.


 5.Covering Ventilation Holes During Drilling with Diamond Core Drill Bit


    While core drilling, ventilation holes must be left open. Shutting them out while core drilling would be a massive mistake with your diamond core drill bit. Overheating is one of the most common side effects of covering ventilation holes during core drilling process. Increasing in the temperature creates overheating.

    A temperature increase also leads the coil to burn out, enabling the drill to spin. Covering the ventilation hole will, in fact, increase the training's wear and tear.


6.Not Cleaning The Core Drill Bit After Drilling


    The key to a long-lasting drilling equipment is proper maintenance. The length of your drill's rope is the first factor to consider on while drilling with core drill bit properly. If the cord of diamond core drill bit is really not long enough, you'll need to use an extension cord to get the rest of the way. Make sure the cord isn't in a puddle of water, as this could cause an electric shock, which could end in damage or death.

     Some shavings get jammed inside the head where the core drill bit is while drilling. Wear and tear may occur if diamond core drill bit is not cleaned before, during, and after drilling.




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